About DyeForYarn

DyeForYarn stands for hand dyed yarns of highest quality in unique color ways. We dye small lots of no more than six skeins, which are often one of a kind. Our Yarns are mostly lace weight yarns, suited for elegant shawls and stoles, fine cardigans and light sweaters. Our yarns will glamorize all your projects!

Dyeing yarn

All our yarns are hand dyed by ourselves in our Dyeing lab in Fuerth. We use natural yarns, e.g. silk, merino, alpaca or cashmere, all of highest quality. We buy our yarns in the UK, Italy and China and use dyes from Ashford.

The raw yarns

Raw wool cone

We get our yarns on cones or already skeined in 100g hanks.


Skein production

For dyeing purposes only skeins can be used, so we skein the cone yarn bases first (mostly in 100g hanks).

Mixing the colors


Ashford provides 12 dyes which we use to get the whole spectrum of our color range. Many of our colors are one of a kind, but we also have some recipes to reproduce certain color ways.

Dyeing our yarns

Our dye lots are small, mostly three to six skeins per lot. We use white vinegar to fixate the colors. After the dyeing process we wash the yarns thoroughly in wool/silk washing detergent.

Dying the wool

The owners: Nicole and Cordula

In our "old life" we were scientists for biology and molecular medicine at University Erlangen-Nuremberg. As science itself is a rather unsatisfying business we started knitting lace shawls in our free time, which soon lead to a need for lighter weight yarns. At that time we weren't able to find lace yarns in Germany so we decided to try dying them on our own. A new hobby was born that soon became a passion.


After a while we were producing so many new skeins that we thought of selling them on etsy. In the beginning of 2010 Cordula opened the first etsy shop DyeForYarn, where we still sell our silky yarn bases. In October 2010 Nicole opened the second etsy shop, DyeForWool, where you can find our woolly yarn bases. In the first year both of our shops grew and we added many new yarn bases. After 18 months of hard work and a lot of fun the scope of production became so large that we decided to quit our day job and start our own business with a brick and mortar shop.

On 26th of November 2011 we opened our brick and mortar shop in Fuerth, near Nuremberg, where we dye and sell our yarns.

Knitting Patterns

Here you can download knitting patterns from us free of charge. Click on images for pdf files.

Tree of Light

Tree of Light Pattern


Bromeliad Pattern

Our brick and mortar shop


DyeForYarn GmbH
Hirschenstr. 31
90762 Fürth

Opening hours

Currently no regular opening hours please check our News.

and by appointment (Fon +49 911 - 97 79 16 93)

For planned holidays, wool fairs and short-term closures please check our News.

How you can find us:

Railway: Main railway station Fuerth, walking distance to our shop 10min

Underground: Starting at main railway station Nuremberg, go by Linie 1, Station Rathaus (Exit City-Center), walking distance to our shop 3min

What we offer:

Lace weight yarns

  • Tussah silk
  • Mulberry silk
  • Silk/cashmere
  • Babyalpaca/silk 70/30
  • Merino/silk/cashmere 70/20/10

Fingering weight yarn

  • Tussah silk
  • Mulberry silk
  • Merino/Babycamel
  • BFL sock superwash
  • Merino/silk sock superwash 75/25


  • Knitting patterns for shawls and gloves
  • SOAK washing detergent
  • Ceramic yarn bowls
  • Knit-Pro knitting needles
  • Stitch markers and project bags
  • Hand made wire-wrapping jewelery

DK weight yarn

  • Silk/Merino superwash 50/50
  • Merino (RosyGreenWool) Superwash

Our Etsy online shops

To get to our Etsy shops please click the links below.

DyeForYarn Shop

DyeForWool Shop

Stockists selling DyeForYarn






  • Vivian Xiang, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing City

Contact DyeForYarn

DyeForYarn GmbH
Hirschenstr. 31
90762 Fürth
Phone: +49 911 9779 1693
Fax: +49 911 9779 1692


DyeForYarn group on ravelry:
Ravelry-Username Cordula: Haramis17
Ravelry-Username Nicole: Kalessin